Prepositional Phrases Containing In, Page 2 (K-Z)

This section of is all about learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases. A preposition connects words, clauses, and sentences together and shows the relation between them

A preposition connects words, clauses, and sentences together and shows the relation between them. "My hand is on the table" shows relation between hand and table.

Prepositions are so called because they are generally placed before the words whose connection or relation with other words they point out.

You can better understand the function of prepositions by seeing examples of prepositional phrases in which the preposition connects two other words. Kleiser's book provides numerous examples of propositional phrases for six of the most commonly used prepositions.

This set consists of prepositional phrases containing the preposition "in."


kept in abeyance


landmarks in memory

languish in obscurity

lie in wait

limited in scope

linger in expectation

listen in amazement

lost in awe

lower in estimation

luxuriant in fancy


monstrous in dulness

mysterious in origin


noble in amplitude

nursed in luxury


organized in thought


petulant in expression

plead in vain

pleasing in outline

plunged in darkness

positive in judgment

practical in application

pride in success

protest in vain

pursued in leisure


quick in suggestion


ready in resource

recoiling in terror

remote in character

revel in danger

rich in variety

rooted in prejudice


schooled in self-restraint

scrupulous in conduct

set in motion

skilled in controversy

sound in theory

stammer in confusion

stricken in years

strides in civilization

striking in character

stunted in growth


tender in sentiment


unique in literature

unity in diversity

unprecedented in kind


versed in knowledge


wallow in idolatry

wanting in dignity

waver in purpose

weak in conception

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Editor's note: This section of is excerpted and adapted from Project Gutenberg's Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases, by Grenville Kleiser.

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