Prepositional Phrases Containing Into, Page 1 (A-K)

This section of is all about learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases. A preposition connects words, clauses, and sentences together and shows the relation between them

A preposition connects words, clauses, and sentences together and shows the relation between them. "My hand is on the table" shows relation between hand and table.

Prepositions are so called because they are generally placed before the words whose connection or relation with other words they point out.

You can better understand the function of prepositions by seeing examples of prepositional phrases in which the preposition connects two other words. Kleiser's book provides numerous examples of propositional phrases for six of the most commonly used prepositions.

This set consists of prepositional phrases containing the preposition "into."


abashed into silence


beguile into reading

betray into speech

blending into harmony

bring into disrepute

bullied into silence

burn into memory

burst into view


call into question

carry into conflict

chill into apathy

coming into vogue

cringe into favor

crumbled into dust

crystallized into action


dash into fragments

deepen into confusion

degenerate into monotony

deluded into believing

descent into death

dissolve into nothingness

dragged into pursuit

drawn into controversy

dribbling into words

driven into servitude

dulled into acquiescence


electrify into activity

elevated into importance

enquire into precedents

enter into controversy

expand into weakness


fade into insignificance

fall into decay

fashion into festoons

flame into war

flower into sympathy

forced into action

frozen into form

fuse into unity


galvanize into life

go into raptures

goaded into action


hushed into silence


incursions into controversy

insight into truth

inveigled into dispute


kindle into action

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Editor's note: This section of is excerpted and adapted from Project Gutenberg's Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases, by Grenville Kleiser.

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