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Redundant Modifiers, Nouns, Phrases

This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com focuses on repetitious words and phrases -- redundant phrases that have worked their way into our written and verbal communications.

Speaking and writing with more clarity not only helps communications, but also builds the impression that you are intelligent, educated.

Make your writing and speaking more concise by eliminating redundancies when you verbalize your thoughts -- redundant modifiers, nouns, phrases, acronyms.

Check out this list and see how many of these words and phrases you use redundantly -- and make a plan to eliminate them from your communications.

Redundant Modifiers, Nouns, Phrases

Absolute truth
Actual facts
Added bonus
Advance reservations
Annual anniversary
At the present time
Attach together
Bare naked
Basic fundamentals
Blend together
Boiling hot
Circle around
Close proximity
Collaborate together
Completely destroyed
Completely finished
Consensus of opinion
Current status
Difficult dilemma
Direct confrontation
Empty out
End result
Eradicate completely
False pretense
Filled to capacity
Final Outcome
Frozen ice
Full to capacity
Fuse together
Future plans
Fall down
Final conclusion
Harmful injuries
Integrate together
Invited guests
Illustrated drawing
Joint collaboration
Knowledgeable experts
Lag behind
Later time
Live audience
Local residents
Major breakthrough
Merge together
Mutual cooperation
Natural instinct
New beginning
Never before
Natural instinct
Native habitat
New innovation
Over exaggerate
Overused cliche
Pair of twins
Past experience
Plan ahead
Pooled together
Postpone until later
Present time
Proposed plan
Protest against
Recur again
Regular routine
Repeat again
Reply back
Revert back
Rise up
Safe haven
Serious danger
Share together
Sharp point
Small size
Still remains
Spliced together
Sum total
True facts
Tuna fish
Unexpected emergency
Unexpected surprise
Unfilled vacancy
Unintentional mistake
Usual custom
Very unique
Visible to the eye
Weather conditions

Redundant Acronyms

ACT test
ATM machine
CAD design
GOP party
GPS system
GRE exam
ICU unit
PIN number
SAT test
UPC code
VIN number

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