Vocabulary Basics: Synonyms, Page 2 (F-P)

This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com is all building vocabulary through the use of synonyms, words or phrases that mean the same or nearly the same as another

Continued from Synonyms, Page 1.

A synonym is a word or phrase that means the same or nearly the same as another. Here is a list of synonyms, arranged alphbetically, that can help you build your vocabulary and add variety to your writing.


  • Face, countenance, features, visage, physiognomy.
  • Faculty, gift, endowment, aptitude, attribute, talent, predilection, bent.
  • Failing, shortcoming, defect, fault, foible, infirmity.
  • Fame, honor, renown, glory, distinction, reputation, repute, celebrity.
  • Famous, renowned, celebrated, noted, distinguished, eminent, illustrious.
  • Fashion, mode, style, vogue, rage, fad.
  • Fast, rapid, swift, quick, fleet, speedy, hasty, celeritous, expeditious, instantaneous.
  • Fasten, tie, hitch, moor, tether.
  • Fat, fleshy, stout, plump, buxom, corpulent, obese, portly, pursy.
  • Fate, destiny, lot, doom.
  • Fawn, truckle, cringe, crouch.
  • Fear, dread, fright, apprehension, affright, alarm, dismay, timidity,
  • Feign, pretend, dissemble, simulate, counterfeit, affect, assume.
  • Feminine, female, womanly, womanlike, womanish, effeminate,
  • Fertile, fecund, fruitful, prolific.
  • Fiendish, devilish, diabolical, demoniacal, demonic, satanic.
  • Fight, combat, struggle, scuffle, fray, affray, attack, engagement,
  • Financial, monetary, pecuniary, fiscal.
  • Fit, suitable, appropriate, proper.
  • Flame, blaze, flare, glare, glow.
  • Flat, level, even, plane, smooth, horizontal.
  • Flatter, blandish, beguile, compliment, praise.
  • Flee, abscond, decamp.
  • Fleeting, transient, transitory, ephemeral, evanescent.
  • Flexible, pliable, pliant, supple, limber, lithe, lissome.
  • Flit, flutter, flicker, hover.
  • Flock, herd, bevy, covey, drove, pack, brood, litter, school.
  • Flog, maul, drub, switch, spank, bastinado.
  • Flow, pour, stream, gush, spout.
  • Follow, pursue, chase.
  • Follower, adherent, disciple, partisan, henchman.
  • Fond, loving, doting, devoted, amorous, enamored.
  • Force, compulsion, coercion, constraint, restraint.
  • Force, strength, power, energy, vigor, might, potency, cogency, efficacy.
  • Foretell, predict, prophesy, forecast, presage, forebode, portend.
  • Frank, candid, open, artless, guileless, ingenuous, unsophisticated.
  • Free, liberate, emancipate, manumit, release, disengage, disentangle, disembarrass, disencumber, extricate.
  • Freshen, refresh, revive, renovate, renew.
  • Friendly, amicable, companionable, hearty, cordial, neighborly, sociable.
  • Frighten, affright, alarm, terrify, terrorize, dismay, appall, daunt, scare.
  • Frolicsome, merry, jolly, sportive, jovial, jocular, jocose, jocund.
  • Frown, scowl, glower, lower.
  • Frugal, sparing, saving, economical, chary, thrifty, provident, prudent.
  • Frustrate, foil, thwart, counteract, circumvent, balk, baffle, genial, complaisant, affable.


  • Game, play, amusement, pastime, diversion, fun, sport, entertainment.
  • Gather, accumulate, amass, collect, levy, muster, hoard.
  • Get, acquire, obtain, procure, attain, gain, win, earn.
  • Ghost, spirit, specter, phantom, apparition, shade, phantasm.
  • Gift, present, donation, grant, gratuity, bequest, boon, bounty, largess, fee, bribe.
  • Give, bestow, grant, confer, present, furnish, supply.
  • Glad, happy, cheerful, mirthful, joyful, joyous, blithe, gay.
  • Glower, lower, peek, peep, gape, con, pore, ogle, leer, view, survey.
  • Grand, magnificent, gorgeous, splendid, superb, sublime.
  • Greet, hail, salute, address, accost.
  • Grief, sorrow, distress, affliction, trouble, tribulation, woe.
  • Grieve, lament, mourn, bemoan, bewail, deplore, rue.
  • Guard, defend, protect, shield, shelter, screen, preserve.


  • Habit, custom, usage, practice, wont.
  • Habitation, abode, dwelling, residence, domicile, home.
  • Hang, electrocute, guillotine, lynch, dispatch, decimate, crucify.
  • Harass, annoy, irritate, vex, fret, worry, plague, torment, molest.
  • Harmful, injurious, detrimental, pernicious, deleterious, baneful, noxious.
  • Haste, celerity, speed, hurry, expedition, dispatch.
  • Hate, detest, abhor, loathe, abominate, despise.
  • Hatred, hate, animosity, ill-will, enmity, hostility, bitterness.
  • Have, possess, own, hold.
  • Headstrong, wayward, willful, perverse, forward.
  • Healthful, wholesome, salutary, salubrious, sanitary, hygienic.
  • Heavy, weighty, burdensome, onerous.
  • Help (noun), aid, assistance, succor.
  • Help (verb), assist, aid, succor, abet, second, support, befriend.
  • Hesitate, falter, vacillate, waver.
  • Hide, conceal, secrete.
  • High, tall, lofty, elevated, towering.
  • Hinder, restrain, obstruct, impede, hamper, retard, check, curb, clog,
  • Hint, intimate, insinuate.
  • Hole, cavity, excavation, pit, cache, cave, cavern, hollow, depression,
  • Holy, sacred, hallowed, sanctified, consecrated, godly, pious, saintly, blessed.
  • Hopeful, expectant, sanguine, optimistic, confident.
  • Hopeless, despairing, disconsolate, desperate.


  • Idle, inert, lazy, indolent, sluggish, slothful.
  • Ignorant, illiterate, uninformed, uneducated, untutored, unlettered.
  • Immemorial, elderly, aged, hoary, decrepit, senile, superannuated.
  • Impolite, discourteous, inurbane, uncivil, rude, disrespectful, pert, saucy, impertinent, impudent, insolent.
  • Importance, consequence, moment.
  • Impostor, pretender, charlatan, masquerader, mountebank, deceiver.
  • Imprison, incarcerate, immure.
  • Improper, indecent, indecorous, unseemly, unbecoming, indelicate.
  • Impure, tainted, contaminated, polluted, defiled, vitiated.
  • Inborn, innate, inbred, congenital.
  • Incite, instigate, stimulate, impel, arouse, goad, spur, promote.
  • Incline, tip, lean, cant, slant, slope, tilt, list, careen, dip.
  • Increase, grow, enlarge, magnify, amplify, swell, augment.
  • Indecent, indelicate, immodest, shameless, ribald, lewd, lustful, lascivious, libidinous, obscene.
  • Insane, demented, deranged, crazy, mad.
  • Insanity, dementia, derangement, craziness, madness, lunacy, mania, frenzy, hallucination.
  • Insipid, tasteless, flat, vapid.
  • Insulting, scornful, imperious, contumelious, impudent, impertinent.
  • Intention, intent, purpose, plan, design, aim, object, end.
  • Interpose, intervene, intercede, interfere, mediate.
  • Intrepidity, daring, valor, prowess, fortitude, heroism.
  • Irreligious, ungodly, impious, godless, sacrilegious, blasphemous, profane.
  • Irritate, exasperate, nettle, incense.


  • Join, connect, unite, couple, combine, link, annex, append.
  • Journey, voyage, tour, pilgrimage, trip, jaunt, excursion, junket.


  • Kill, slay, slaughter, massacre, butcher, murder, assassinate, execute.
  • Kind, compassionate, merciful, lenient, benignant, benign, clement.
  • Kindle, ignite, inflame, rouse.


  • Lack, want, need, deficiency, dearth, paucity, scarcity, deficit.
  • Lame, crippled, halt, deformed, maimed, disabled.
  • Large, great, big, huge, immense, colossal, gigantic, extensive, vast, massive, unwieldy, bulky.
  • Laugh, giggle, snicker, titter, chuckle, guffaw, cachinnate, chortle, roar.
  • Laughable, comical, comic, farcical, ludicrous, ridiculous, funny, droll.
  • Lead, guide, conduct, escort, convoy.
  • Lecture, preach, harangue, rant, roar, spout, thunder, declaim, harp.
  • Lengthen, prolong, protract, extend.
  • Lessen, decrease, diminish, reduce, abate, curtail, moderate, mitigate, palliate.
  • Liberal, generous, bountiful, munificent.
  • Lie (noun), untruth, falsehood, falsity, fiction, fabrication, mendacity, canard, fib, story.
  • Lie (verb), prevaricate, falsify, equivocate, quibble, shuffle, dodge, fence, fib.
  • Likeness, resemblance, similitude, similarity, semblance, analogy.
  • Limp, flaccid, flabby, flimsy.
  • List, roll, catalogue, register, roster, schedule, inventory.
  • Look, glance, gaze, stare, peer, scan, scrutinize, gloat, glare.
  • Loud, resonant, clarion, stentorian, sonorous.
  • Love, affection, attachment, fondness, infatuation, devotion.
  • Low, base, abject, servile, slavish, menial.
  • Loyal, faithful, true, constant, staunch, unwavering, steadfast.
  • Lurk, skulk, slink, sneak, prowl.


  • Make, create, frame, fashion, mold, shape, form, forge, fabricate, invent, construct, manufacture, concoct.
  • Malice, malevolence, malignity, rancor, resentment, dudgeon, grudge.
  • Manifest, plain, obvious, clear, apparent, patent, evident, perceptible, noticeable, open, overt, palpable, tangible, indubitable, unmistakable.
  • Many, various, numerous, divers, manifold, multitudinous, myriad, countless, innumerable.
  • Margin, edge, limit, border, boundary, bound, bourn, brim, rim, brink.
  • Masculine, male, manly, manlike, manful, mannish, virile.
  • Matrimonial, conjugal, connubial, nuptial, marital.
  • Meaning, significance, signification, import, purport.
  • Meet, encounter, collide, confront, converge.
  • Meeting, assembly, assemblage, congregation, convention, conference, concourse, gathering, mustering.
  • Melt, thaw, fuse, dissolve, liquefy.
  • Memory, remembrance, recollection, reminiscence, retrospection.
  • Merciless, unmerciful, pitiless, ruthless, fell.
  • Mercy, clemency, lenity, leniency, lenience, forbearance.
  • Misrepresent, misinterpret, falsify, distort, warp.
  • Mix, compound, amalgamate, weld, combine, blend, concoct.
  • Model, pattern, prototype, criterion, standard, exemplar, paragon, archetype, ideal.
  • Motive, incentive, inducement, desire, purpose.
  • Move, actuate, impel, prompt, incite.


  • Name, appellation, designation, denomination, title, alias, cognomen, patronymic, nom.
  • Near, nigh, close, neighboring, adjacent, contiguous.
  • Neat, tidy, orderly, spruce, trim, prim.
  • Needful, necessary, requisite, essential, indispensable.
  • Negligence, neglect, inattention, inattentiveness, inadvertence, remissness, oversight.
  • New, novel, fresh, recent, modern, late, innovative, unprecedented.
  • Nice, fastidious, dainty, finical, squeamish.
  • Noisy, clamorous, boisterous, hilarious, turbulent, riotous, obstreperous, uproarious, vociferous, blatant, brawling.
  • Noticeable, prominent, conspicuous, salient, signal.


  • Occupation, employment, calling, pursuit, vocation, avocation.
  • Old, ancient, olden, antique, antiquated, archaic, obsolete, venerable.
  • Order (noun), command, mandate, behest, injunction, decree.
  • Order (verb), command, enjoin, direct, instruct.
  • Oversight, supervision, direction, superintendence, surveillance.


  • Pacify, appease, placate, propitiate, conciliate, mollify.
  • Pale, pallid, wan, colorless, blanched, ghastly, ashen, cadaverous.
  • Part, piece, portion, section, subdivision, fraction, installment.
  • Patience, forbearance, resignation, longsuffering.
  • Pay, compensate, recompense, remunerate, requite, reimburse.
  • Pay, hire, salary, wages, fee, stipend, honorarium.
  • Penetrate, pierce, perforate.
  • Perforation, puncture, rent, slit, crack, chink, crevice, cranny, breach.
  • Pirate, corsair, raider, burglar, footpad, highwayman, depredator.
  • Pity, sympathy, compassion, commiseration, condolence.
  • Place, office, post, position, situation, appointment.
  • Plan, design, project, scheme, plot.
  • Playful, mischievous, roguish, prankish, sportive, arch.
  • Plentiful, plenteous, abundant, bounteous, copious, profuse, exuberant, luxuriant.
  • Plunder, rifle, loot, sack, pillage, devastate, despoil.
  • Polite, civil, obliging, courteous, courtly, urbane, affable.
  • Poverty, want, need, destitution, indigence, penury.
  • Pretty, beautiful, comely, handsome, fair.
  • Profitable, remunerative, lucrative, gainful.
  • Promenade, prowl, hobble, limp, perambulate.
  • Prompt, punctual, ready, expeditious.
  • Proud, arrogant, presumptuous, haughty, supercilious, insolent.
  • Prune, reap, mow, clip, shear, trim, dock, crop, shave, whittle, slice.
  • Pull, draw, drag, haul, tug, tow.
  • Punish, chastise, chasten, castigate, scourge.
  • Push, shove, thrust.
  • Puzzle, perplex, mystify, bewilder.

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