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Synonyms for Words Beginning with Dr

This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com is all building vocabulary through the use of synonyms, words or phrases that mean the same or nearly the same as another. This page contains synonyms for words beginning with dr

A synonym is a word or phrase that means the same or nearly the same as another. Here is a list of synonyms for words beginning with dr. Use this list to help build your vocabulary and add variety to your writing.

Synonyms for Words Beginning with Dr

draft, n. drawing, draught; bill of exchange; delineation, sketch, current of air; conscript, conscription. Associated Word: conscript (one drafted).

drag, v. haul, trail, tug, pull; break, harrow.

drag, n. dragging; dragnet; harrow; skid; clog, impediment, obstacle.

drain, n. channel, gutter, trench, ditch, sewer.

drain, v. empty, exhaust, deplete; filter.

draw, v. haul, drag, tug, tow; attract; entice, allure, lure, induce, tempt; extract, educe; unsheathe; deduce, infer, conclude, derive; disembowel, eviscerate; delineate, draught, sketch, depict, trace, limn; influence, win, induce; contract, shrink. Antonyms: repel, repulse, rebuff, reject, alienate.

drawback, n. disadvantage, hindrance, defect, imperfection; rebate, deduction, discount.

draw back. retract; shrink, flinch, recoil, withdraw, wince.

drawer, n. till (money drawer), tiller.

drawing, n. traction, hauling, pulling; graphics, diagraphics, delineation; sketch, draught, diagram, picture, limning, representation.

drawing back. retraction; shrinking, flinching, recoiling, withdrawal, wincing.

drawing off. withdrawal, abstraction.

drawing out. extension, protraction, stretching; eduction, extraction.

draw off. withdraw, abstract.

draw out. stretch, extend, protract; elicit, educe, extract.

draw up. compose, draught, write; array, arrange.

dread, n. apprehension, fear, awe (reverential fear).

dread, v. fear, apprehend.

dreadful, a. fearful, terrible, formidable, awful, dread, dire, direful, frightful.

dream, n. vision; illusion, vagary, wild conceit, revery, fancy, fantasy. Antonyms: fact, actuality, reality, substance, realization. Associated Words: Morpheus, Morphean, oneiroscopy, oneiroscopist, oneirocritic, oneiromancy, oneirology, oneirocriticism, nightmare.

dreamer, n. visionary, enthusiast, castle-builder, John-a-dreams.

dreamy, a. visionary, unreal, illusory. Antonyms: practical, real.

dreary, a. dismal, drear, cheerless, lonesome, wearisome, dull.

dregs, n. pl. refuse, sediment, lees, draff; riffraff.

dress, n. gown, toilette, robe; raiment, clothes, clothing, garments, habiliments, attire, garb, apparel, habit, array, costume, togs, toggery. Antonyms: See undress.

dress, v. clothe, deck, drape, apparel, robe, array, attire; adjust, align; curry, smooth, plane, finish; (Colloq.) castigate, chastise, whip. Antonyms: undress, disrobe, divest, strip, expose.

dress gaudily. bedizen, prank.

dressing, n. forcemeat, stuffing, condiment; (Colloq.) castigation, scolding, whipping, flogging, chastisement.

dressmaker, n. modiste, mantuamaker.

dribble, v. drip, trickle.

dribble, n. (Colloq.) trickling.

drier, n. desiccator, desiccant, desiccative, exsiccant, exsiccator.

drift, n. course, direction, bearing, tendency, aim, intention intent, design, import, meaning; accumulation, heap, bank, pile, diluvium.

drill, v. perforate, pierce, bore; train, discipline, exercise.

drink, v. quaff, sip, sup, imbibe, slake one's thirst; tipple, tope, guzzle, booze, house, be intemperate; absorb.

drink, n. beverage, potation, potable; draught, dram, potation, drench.

drinkable, a. potable, potulent. Antonym: undrinkable

drinking, n. potation; tippling, bibacity, drunkenness, carousal, guzzling, intemperance. Antonyms: temperance nephalism, abstinence, teetotalism. Associated Words: bibacious, bibulous, bibitory, dipsomania, alcoholism thirst, nectar, hobnob, bacchanalian, inebriant, potatory, oenomania, symposium, crapulence, supernaculum convivial, conviviality, tankard, beaker, cup, stein, canteen.

drinking-bout, n. orgies, compotation, bacchanals, carousal revel, revelry, wassail, saturnalia, debauch, spree, excess, carouse, jollification.

drip, v. drop, trickle, dribble.

dripping, n. trickling, dribbling.

dripping from the eaves. stillicide.

drive, v. impel, force, compel, press; propel, send; rush, press; conduct, carry on.

drive at. aim, intend, purpose.

drive away. dispel, disperse, scatter, dissipate.

drive back. repulse, repel, rebuff.

drivel, n. driveling; nonsense, twaddle.

drivel, v. drool.

driveler, n. drooler; imbecile, fool, idiot.

driver, n. coachman, jehu, charioteer, whip.

driving, a. violent, forcible; impelling, impellent, propulsive, impulsive.

driving, n. guiding by reins; impulsion, propulsion, compulsion, forcing.

driving back. repulse, rebuff, repulsion, repercussion, repellence, recussion.

driving out. expulsion.-a. expulsive.

drizzle, n. mizzle, misle, mist.-v. mizzle, misle.

droll, n. jester, buffoon, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin; comedy, farce, burlesque.

droll, a. ludicrous, laughable, comical, facetious, funny.

drollery, n. waggery, buffoonery, pleasantry, facetiousness.

drone, n. sluggard, idler, lounger.

drool, v. drivel, slaver, slabber.

drooler, n. driveler, slaverer, slabberer.

droop, v. languish, faint, grow faint, sink; bend, drop, hang; slouch; fade, wilt, wither.

drop, n. globule, minim, blob; pendant; descent, fall.

drop, v. distill, dribble, trickle, drip; fall; let fall, release, banish, dismiss, discontinue, discard, intermit, remit, relinquish; lower, sink, depress; variegate, bedrop, speckle, fleck.

drop by drop. _guttatim_, _guttat_, stillatitious.

droplight, n. pendant.

dropping, n. distillation, trickling, dribbling, falling; stillicide.

droppings, n. pl. excrement, dung.

drop serene. amaurosis, _gutta serena_.

drop-shaped, a. globular, guttiform, stilliform.

dross, n. refuse, scum, recrement, draff, dregs, scobs, waste, sinter.

drought, n. aridity, dryness; scarcity, dearth.

drought plant. xerophyte. Associated Words: xerophilous, xerophytic.

drove, n. herd, flock; crowd, company.

drown, v. overwhelm, submerge, flood, inundate, deluge.

drowning, n. demersion, submersion, inundation; noyade.

drowsiness, n. sleepiness, oscitancy.

drowsy, a. sleepy, dozy, oscitant.

drudge, n. menial, hack, slave, scullion, fag.

drug, v. deaden, dull, stupefy; surfeit; hocus.

drug, n. Associated Words: pharmacology, pharmacologist, pharmacy, pharmacognosis, pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacopoeoea, pharmacography, spatula, mortar, pestle, cribration, pharmacopolist, pharmaceutical.

druggist, n. pharmacist, apothecary, pharmaceutist.

drum, n. snare-drum; base-drum; kettle-drum; tabor, taborine. Associated Words: reveille, rappel, chamade, ruff, tattoo, ruffle, roll, rataplan, drummer, drumhead, drumstick.

drum, v. thrum, strum.

drumstick, n. tibiotarsus.

drunk, a. intoxicated, drunken, inebriated, tipsy, boozy, besotted. Antonyms: sober, unintoxicated.

drunk, n. (Slang) spree, drunkenness.

drunkard, n. inebriate, toper, sot, tippler, carouser, dipsomaniac, wine-bibber, bacchanal, bacchanalian, debauchee. Antonyms: abstainer, ascetic, nephalist, teetotaler.

drunken, a. intoxicated, drunk; sottish, maudlin, fuddled, mellow, groggy, disguised.

drunkenness, n. intoxication, inebriety, inebriation, ebriety, ebriosity, debauch; excitement, frenzy, inflammation. Antonyms: sobriety, temperance, abstinence.

dry, a. desiccated, exsiccated, dried, evaporated; arid, parched; anhydrous; droughty; barren, uninteresting, jejune, vapid, tedious, prosaic, tame; sharp, keen, quaint, shrewd, droll.

dry, v. evaporate, desiccate, exsiccate, arefy, insolate (dry in the sun), torrefy; infumate (dry in smoke).

dry goods. textile fabrics. Associated Word: mercer.

drying, n. desiccation, exsiccation, evaporation, torrefaction, arefaction. Associated Words: desiccator, exsiccator, desiccative, evaporator, kiln.

drying, a. desiccative, exsiccative, desiccatory, desiccant, exsiccant, evaporative.

dryness, n. aridity, drought, desiccation, exsiccation.

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