Vocabulary Builders: Useful Phrases, Page 9 (I)

This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com focuses on ways to enliven your writing and speech. You'll find a collection of colorful phrases to add extra flavor and help develop your vocabulary

If you are looking for ways to enliven your writing and speech, this classic collection from Grenville Kleiser provides an abundance of colorful phrases.

You can review these lists when you seek a little extra punch in written works, and you can also use them to develop your vocabulary by identifying, looking up, and learning words you don't know.

This set of useful phrases consists of nouns (occasionally verbs or adjectives) modified by adjectives or adverbs.


iconoclastic attitude

icy smile

idealistic type

identical mode

idiomatic propriety

idiotic obstinacy

idle jesting

idolatrous fervor

idyllic nonsense

ignoble domination

ignominious retreat

ill-concealed impatience

illiberal superstition

illimitable progression

illiterate denizens

illogical interruption

illuminating insight

illusive touch

illustrative anecdote

illustrious era

imaginative warmth

immaterial connection

immature dissent

immeasurable scorn

immediate abjuration

immemorial bulwark

immense complacency

imminent perplexities

immitigable contempt

immoderate grief

immortal creation

immovably silent

immutable law

impaired prestige

impalpable nothingness

impartial justice

impassable serenity

impassioned impulse

impatient yearning

impeccable felicity

impecunious exile

impelling movement

impending fate

impenetrable calmness

imperative necessity

imperceptible deviation

imperfect equipment

imperial authority

imperious mind

imperishable renown

impersonal compliment

impertinent drollery

imperturbable gravity

impetuous zeal

impious defiance

impish humor

implacable resentment

implicit faith

implied concealment

implored pardon

imponderable air

important epoch

importunate questions

imposing mien

impossible contingency

impotent desperation

impoverished age

impracticable obstinacy

impregnable fortress

impressionistic stroke

imprisoning limitations

improbable conjecture

impromptu utterance

improvising powers

imprudent indebtedness

impudent knowingness

impulsive gratitude

inaccessible dignity

inadequate appreciation

inadmissible expression

inadvertent remark

inalienable right

inanimate existence

inapposite blandness

inaptly designated

inarticulate lispings

inaugural discourse

inborn refinement

inbred taste

incalculable mischief

incarnate hate

incendiary opinions

incessant volume

incidental duty

incipient fancy

incisive critic

incoherent loquacity

incommunicable gift

incomparable excellence

incompletely apprehended

inconceivable absurdity

incongruous contrast

inconsiderable trifle

inconsistent conduct

inconsolable cares

incontestable inference

incontrovertible proof

incorrigible merriment

incorruptible constancy

increasing clamor

incredible swiftness

indecent saturnalia

indecorously amused

indefatigable diligence

indefeasible title

indefinable reluctance

indefinite yearning

indelible obligation

indelicate impetuosity

indented outline

independent research

indescribably lugubriou

indestructible atoms

indeterminable value

indifferent promise

indigenous growth

indignant denunciation

indirect interrogation

indiscriminate censure

indispensable requisites

indisputable chronicler

indissoluble compact

indistinct association

individual valor

indivisible aspects

indolent neglect

indomitable pride

indubitable signs

indulgent construction

indwelling delight

ineffable disdain

ineffaceable incongruity

ineffectual blandishment

ineradicable coquetry

inestimable honor

inevitable corollary

inexcusable laughter

inexhaustible abundance

inexorable authority

inexplicable reluctance

inexpressible benignity

inextricable confusion

infallible judgment

infamous pretense

infantile simplicity

infectious hilarity

infelicitous arrangement

inferential method

infernal machinations

infinite deference

infinitesimal gradations

infirm purpose

inflamed curiosity

inflated optimism

inflexible integrity

influential voice

informing feature

infuriated demagogues

ingenious trick

inglorious victory

ingrained love

ingratiating exterior

inharmonious prelude

inherent dignity

inherited anxieties

inimitable felicity

iniquitous fortune

initiatory period

injudicious yielding

injured conceit

inky blackness

inmost recesses

innate forbearance

inner restlessness

innocent amenities

innocuous desuetude

innovating spirit

inoffensive copiousness

inopportune condition

inordinate ambition

inquisitional rack

inquisitive observer

insatiable vanity

inscrutable austerity

insecure truce

insensate barbarism

insensibly flattered

inseparably associated

insidious tendency

insignificant blot

insincere profession

insinuatingly pursued

insipid tameness

insistent babel

insolent placidity

insoluble riddles

inspiring achievement

inspiriting spectacle

instant readiness

instantaneous cessations

instinctive disapproval

insufferably dull

insufficient appeal

insular strength

insulting invectives

insuperable difficulty

insurmountable obstacles

intangible something

integral element

intellectual integrity

intelligent adaptation

intemperate scorn

intense perplexity

intensive cultivation

intentional garbling

interior spirit

interlocking directorate

intermediate link

interminable question

intermingled gloom

intermittent threats

internal dissension

interpolated speech

interpretative criticism

interwoven thread

intimately allied

intolerably tedious

intoxicating hum

intractable temper

intrenched privilege

intrepid dexterity

intricate interlacings

intriguing braggart

intrinsic fecundity

intrusive brightness

intuitive perception

invaluable composition

invariable kindness

inveighing incessantly

inventive jealousy

inveterate antipathy

invidious mention

invigorating discipline

invincible optimism

inviolable confidence

involuntary yearnings

involuted sentences

involved pomposity

invulnerable solemnity

inward disinclination

irascible doggedness

irate remonstrance

iridescent sheen

irksome task

iron resolution

ironic iciness

irradiating spirit

irrational awe

irreclaimable dead

irreconcilable parting

irrecoverably lost

irrefragable laws

irrefutable argument

irregular constellations

irrelevant suggestion

irremediable sorrow

irreparable injury

irrepressible excitement

irreproachable exterior

irresistible will

irresponsible gossip

irretrievable blunder

irreverent audacity

irreversible facts

irrevocable verdict

irritable impatience

isolated splendor

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Editor's note: This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com is excerpted and adapted from Project Gutenberg's Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases, by Greenville Kleiser.

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