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This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com is all about learning new vocabulary by studying groups of words that share common roots

A significant aid to learning new vocabulary is to study groups of words that share common roots. Following is a list of such words preceded by their root.

In each set you'll find (1.) a list of fairly familiar words that embody the root and (2.) a list of less familiar words that embody it.

G Gen (birth, race)
(1 and 2 combined) Genus, generic, genre, gender, genitive, genius, general, Gentile, gentle, gentry, gentleman, genteel, generous, genuine, genial, congeniality, congener, genital, congenital, engender, generation, progeny, progenitor, genesis, genetics, eugenics, pathogenesis, biogenesis, ethnogeny, palingenesis, unregenerate, degenerate, monogeny, indigenous, exogenous, homogeneous, heterogeneous, genealogy, ingenuous, ingenious, ingenue, engine, engineer, hygiene, hydrogen, oxygen, endogen, primogeniture, philoprogeniture, miscegenation.

ger, ges (bear, wield, perform)
1. Belligerent, gesture, suggest, congested, digestion, register, jest;
2. gerund, congeries.

Grade, gress (walk, go)
1. Grade, gradual, graduate, degrade, digress, Congress, aggressive, progressive, degree;
2. gradation, Centigrade, ingress, egress, transgression, retrogression, ingredient.

H Hab, hib (have, hold)
1. Habit, habitation, inhabitant, exhibit, prohibition, ability, debit, debt;
2. habituate, habiliment, habeas corpus, cohabit, dishabille, inhibit.

Hale, heal, hol, whole (sound)
1. Hale, hallow, Hallowe'en, heal, health, unhealthy, healthful, holy, holiday, hollyhock, whole, wholesome;
2. halibut, halidom.

I It (go)
1. Exit, transit, transition, initial, initiative, ambition, circuit, perishable;
2. itinerant, transitory, obituary, sedition, circumambient.

J Ject (throw)
1. Eject, reject, subject, project, objection, injection, dejected, conjecture, jet, jetty;
2. abject, traject, adjective, projectile, interjection, ejaculate, jetsam, jettison.

Jud, jur, just (law, right)
1. Judge, judicious, judicial, prejudice, jurist, jurisdiction, just, justice, justify;
2. judicature, adjudicate, juridical, jurisprudence, justiciary, de jure.

Junct (join)
1. Junction, juncture, injunction, disjunctive, conjugal, adjust;
2. adjunct, conjunction, subjunctive, conjugate.

Jure (swear)
(1 and 2 combined) Juror, jury, abjure, adjure, conjurer, perjury.

L Lat (carry)
1. Relate, translate, legislate, elation, dilated, dilatory;
2. collate, correlate, prelate, oblation, superlative, ablative.

Leg, lig, lect (read, choose, pick up)
1. Elegant, illegible, college, negligent, diligent, eligible, elect, select, intellect, recollect, neglect, lecturer, collection, coil, cull;
2. legend, legion, legacy, legate, delegate, sacrilegious, dialect, lectern, colleague, lexicon.

Lig (bind)
(1 and 2 combined) Ligament, ligature, obligation, ally, alliance, allegiance, league, lien, liable, liaison, alloy.

loc (place)
1. Locate, locality, locomotive, dislocate;
2. locale, allocate, collocation.

Log, logue, or -ology (word, study of)
(1 and 2 combined) Conchology, biology, morphology, phrenology, physiology, osteology, histology, zoology, entomology, bacteriology, ornithology, pathology, psychology, cosmology, eschatology, demonology, mythology, theology, astrology, archeology, geology, meteorology, mineralogy, chronology, genealogy, ethnology, anthropology, criminology, technology, doxology, anthology, trilogy, philology, etymology, terminology, neologism, phraseology, tautology, analogy, eulogy, apology, apologue, eclogue, monologue, dialogue, prologue, epilogue, decalogue, catalogue, travelogue, logogram, logograph, logo-type, logarithms, logic, illogical.

Loq (talk, speak)
1. Soliloquy, loquacious, loquacity, colloquial, eloquent, obloquy, circumlocution, elocution;
2. magniloquent, grandiloquent, ventriloquism, interlocutor, locutory, allocution.

Luc, lum, lus (light)
1. Lucid, translucent, luminous, illuminate, luminary, luster, illustrate, illustrious;
2. lucent, Lucifer, lucubration, elucidate, pellucid, relume, limn.

lud (play)
1. Allude, elude, delude, ludicrous, illusory, collusion;
2. prelude, postlude, interlude.

M Mand (order)
: (1 and 2 combined) Mandate, mandamus, mandatory, demand, remand, countermand, commandment.

Meter (Measure)
1. Metrical, thermometer, barometer, pedometer, diametrically, geometry;
2. millimeter, chronometer, hydrometer, trigonometry, pentameter.

Mit, mis, mise (send)
1. Permit, submit, commit, remit, transmit, mission, missile, missionary, remiss, omission, commission, admission, dismissal, promise, surmise, compromise, mass, message;
2. emit, intermittent, missive, commissary, emissary, manumission, inadmissible, premise, demise.

Move, mote, mob (move)
1. Move, movement, removal, remote, promote, promotion, motion, motive, emotion, commotion, motor, locomotive, mob, mobilize, automobile, moment;
2. immovable, motivate, locomotor ataxia, mobility, immobile, momentum.

Mono (one)
1. Monotone, monotonous, monoplane, monopoly, monocle, monarchy, monogram, monomania;
2. monosyllable, monochrome, monogamy, monorail, monograph, monolith, monody, monologue, monad, monastery, monk.

mort (death)
1. Mortal, immortality, mortify, postmortem, mortgage, morgue;
2. mortmain, moribund, la mort.

mut (change)
(1 and 2 combined) Mutual, mutation, permutation, commute, transmute, immutable, moult.

N Nata (birth, be born)
1. Native, prenatal, innate, nature, unnatural, naturalize, nation, pregnant, puny;
2. denatured, nativity, cognate, agnate, nascent, renascence, n e.

Nota (mark)
1. Note, notion, notable, notice, notorious, cognizant, incognito, recognize, noble, ignoble, ennoble, ignore, ignorance, ignoramus, reconnoiter, quaint, acquaintance;
2. notary, notation, connotation, cognition, prognosticate, reconnaissance, connoisseur.

P Pan (all)
1. Panacea, panoply, panorama, pantomime, pan-American, pandemonium;
2. pantheist, pantheon.

Pass, path (suffer)
1. Passion, passive, impassive, impassioned, compassion, pathos, pathetic, impatient, apathy, sympathy, antipathy;
2. passible, impassible, dispassionate, pathology, telepathy, hydropathy, homeopathy, allopathy, osteopathy, neuropathic, pathogenesis.

Ped, pod (foot)
1. Pedal, pedestrian, pedestal, expedite, expediency, expedition, quadruped, impediment, biped, tripod, chiropodist, octopus, pew;
2. centiped, pedicle, pedometer, velocipede, sesquipedalian, antipodes, podium, polypod, polyp, Piedmont.

Pell, pulse (drive)
1. Dispel, compel, propeller, repellent, repulse, repulsive, impulse, compulsory, expulsion, appeal;
2. appellate, interpellate.

Pend, pense, pond (hang, weigh)
1. Pending, impending, independent, pendulum, perpendicular, expenditure, pension, suspense, expense, pensive, compensate, ponder, ponderous, preponderant, pansy, poise, pound;
2. pendant, stipend, appendix, compendium, propensity, recompense, indispensable, dispensation, dispensary, avoirdupois.

Petr (stone)
1. Peter, petrify, petrol, stormy petrel, petroleum, saltpeter, pier;
2. petrology, parsley, samphire.

Petite (small)
(1 and 2 combined) Petty, petite, petit jury, petit larceny, petticoat, pettifogger.

Phil (love)
(1 and 2 combined) Philosophy, philanthropy, Philadelphia, bibliophile, Anglophile.

Ply, plic, plicate (fold)
1. Ply, reply, imply, plight, suppliant, explicit, implicit, implicate, supplicate, duplicate, duplicity, complicate, complicity, accomplice, application, plait, display, plot, employee, exploit, simple, supple;
2. pliant, pliable, replica, explication, inexplicable, multiplication, deploy, triple, quadruple, plexus, duplex.

Polit (citizen)
(1 and 2 combined) Cosmopolitan, metropolitan, politics, policy, police.

Pose, pone (place)
1. Expose, compose, purpose, posture, position, composure, impostor, postpone, post office, positive, deposit, disposition, imposition, deponent, opponent, exponent, component;
2. depose, impost, composite, apposite, repository, preposition, interposition, juxtaposition, decomposition.

Poten (power)
(1 and 2 combined) Potential, potency, potentate, impotent, omnipotent, plenipotentiary.

1. Impute, compute, dispute, ill repute, reputation, disreputable;
2. putative, indisputable.

Prise, prehend (seize)
1. Prize, apprise, surprise, comprise, enterprise, imprison, comprehend, apprehension;
2. reprisal, misprision, reprehend, prehensile, apprentice, impregnable, reprieve.

Prob (prove)
(1 and 2 combined) Probe, probation, probate, probity, approbation, reprobate, improbable.

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Editor's note: This section of EnhanceMyVocabulary.com is excerpted and adapted from Project Gutenberg's The Century Vocabulary Builder by Creever and Bachelor.

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